Sessions which will provide an opportunity for members to share experiences and learn how best to cope emotionally. This class is exclusively for Hunter Hinze Scholars.

Classes begin in January 2021, Date & Time TBD

More about Subba:

Subba Venkiteswaran, is trained in different healing modalities and has created her own modules as
well. She works at Westat as a Project Manager handling projects for Comprehensive Center 14 and TEA
Community Partnership initiative. Her interesting journey forced her to learn to appreciate the fact
that everything happens for a reason and that she would not have had it any other way. She is trained as
a life coach from Earth Waking University and her website is being developed.
Her journey took a turn at the beginning of 2018 when her daughter was diagnosed with Bi-polar 1. She
faced situations that seemed bad, only to realize the hidden blessings on a later date. During this
journey she experienced spiritual and personal growth. One such area is the art of communicating with
a loved one when they are experiencing mood swings. She has been trained by the UT Health Austin
psychologist Dr. Chiang. Dr. Chiang treats people who have already been diagnosed and she wanted to
help people proactively; hence undertook the opportunity to co-teach this session with her daughter.
The exercises shared will enhance social/behavior skills for the loved one and the caregiver. This will be
6-7 sessions spread over 4 months or less. During the course, we will
1. Share handouts that emphasis different communication aspects
2. Give some take home exercise to practice the learned skill
3. introduce 3 minute breathing technique
4. ask the enrollees to maintain Gratitude journal
5. Introduce healthy routines
6. Share some real life stories where we failed and where we triumphed and how slowly but surely
it is becoming a new normal.
At the end of the program, the hope is to make a long term impact on life’s purpose wherein the
caregiver and the loved ones are better equipped to handle stressful situations with ease.