I have developed deep friendships here. Being a family raising two neurodiverse  kids we have struggled making deep connections with other South Asian families. Being part of the what’s app group has given us opportunity to meet and socialize with families who are in similar boats facing storms like us. This has brought a lot of joy to all of us!

Priya Jai

My daughter Priya and I joined Loving Hearts for All in October 2018.  Although we knew other families with children with special needs, we didn’t know any other Indian families, so we felt fairly isolated.  That feeling changed after we joined LHFA, as we were quickly welcomed into the group.  Our first big event was the Halloween party in 2018.  Rachel was one of the party planners, and she got Priya to help her make food and snacks for the party.  As the party date got closer, Priya was worried that she didn’t have a costume for the party, but the problem was solved when Priya and Rachel went to the Spirit store and came home as Thing 1 and Thing 2!  Priya had a great time at the party with Rachel and made many new friends.  Our feelings of isolation were replaced by the warm feelings of being welcomed into a loving community, and our small family has expanded to include deep bonds with the amazing families in LHFA.  We welcome other families to join this wonderful group.

Sue Burek
 We are so excited to have known Loving  Hearts for all organization. We have known this group since a few years. Fathima Rani who is one of the main founders of this organization, has been always so kind and helpful. When we first decided to move to Austin with our then 13 year old son in 2017, Rani introduced us to this group and also several  South Asian special needs parents. It was a great feeling to know that there were many parents with similar problems to our child and experience so relatable  to ours.    Rani, Priya Jai and several other friends helped us learn and navigate through the resources , School system and services available in Austin, Tx. Ever since then , there was no looking back and we have been a part of this special needs family and stayed connected . We connect emotionally, culturally and also socially . We have a lot of gatherings from Halloween to Christmas and New Year and have fun together with our kids. I take pleasure volunteering when I can in the group events and any other programs. Overall, I am very happy to be a part of this organization.